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A painting major at the University of Michigan, Ms. Lehman studied drawing and lithography with David Ben Shaul in Jerusalem. She has been an art teacher and has exhibited in New York City, Mississippi, Michigan, Florida, Mexico, Israel and locally.

A graduate of and teacher at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, she is an energy therapist with a healing practice in Warwick, NY. It was the confluence of the energy work and her art work that made her realized that "I am painting energy. It is not light as is the subject of the impressionists but energy as the means and the subject. The painting is the result of the combined energy of the media, the subject and my energetic response. It is the play of the moment."




Lehman's works marked by exuberant color and whimsical use of line capture both the grandeur of the American landscape and the intimacy of personal rediscovery. The paintings are the colorful results of the interaction between the energy and beauty of the land and the energy and vision of the artist.

From article on Visions Across America exhibit


The new exhibit at the Art League of Daytona Beach could hardly be better….Her sunny paintings are exuberant, engagingly naïve in their loose brushwork and vivid tones. Swaying trees…are a dazzling jumble of red and blue slashes. Color and form reinforce one another to express not so much a place as its spirituality….Ms. Lehman's is impressionism gone wild, under the influence of the energy of places she's visited. Her series tracks a visionary odyssey that began in 1993 and is still under way.

 Laura Stewart, Daytona Beach Sunday News Journal, January 7, 1996














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